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Title: HEIWA (Peace)

All photographs of the solar aura were taken by a mobile phone.
The wave motion of solar healing.
Please feel the energy.
I would like you to be healed.

It is said that a true color of the sun is green.
All photographs of the solar aura show green and pink.
Green is the color of healing and wishing everyone's happiness and pink is the color of love.
The color of the photograph shows that the sun loves everyone and it wishes happiness.
The sun give us very beautiful color light everyday,it is very wonderful pleasure and impression.
I hope many people feel it.

Process and the explanation that are simple about Sun's Aura Photo

January, 2006

By chance, I took a photograph of the sun on my cell phone and to my surprise a colorful picture was taken.

Since then, every time I took a picture of the sun, it always was beautiful, which I thought was interesting, so I decided to post those photos on my personal web page (Mixi).

I learned later from a spiritual counselor who had seen my photos that these photos were pictures of the sun's aura.

Later on, I discovered that when I pray and think of a positive word when I take photos it changes the sun's colors.

My photographs have gained the reputation that people can be healed just be looking at them.

Title:AI (LOVE)

It was proven by the energy scientists that there is healing energy found in all of my photographs.

The demands for my photographs have increased and now there are many people from all over Japan who have purchased the photos.
I contribute part of the sales to UNICEF and the NPO.

Title:IYASHI (Healing)

The pictures are being displayed in many hospitals, senior homes and healing salons.

Exhibitions are held as well.

They have also been displayed at various events and have been used in flyers as well.

Comment I have received from an energy researcher:

"I've seen your photographs. Normally we don't see any energy from photos. It is very interesting.

There is energy detected from all of your photographs.

The specific level is 100. At this level, a person feel good just by looking at them. It is wonderful. Especially this one taken at a shrine.

Generally 100 is considered very high. We hardly ever see any with 300. Your photographs have the energy to heal. People who see them will be healed.


This is the photograph.

Please enjoy the Sun's wonderful color that's never been seen before.

Biography- Kiyoko Fueki

In July 2006, Kiyoko, on a whim, snapped a photograph of the sun with her cell phone camera. The image that the camera captured was very unusual, as the sun was extraordinarily vivid and colourful in that photograph. Neither the camera was broken nor had she edited the image. It was just as the camera captured.The colour of the sun in the image looked like the aura of the sun. So she called the photograph "Sun's Aura Photo."

Every time she took a photo of the sun with her cell phone camera, she would post it on a social network site. Her photographs drew attention of people as healing photographs. People who were interested in buying her photographs increased daily. Six months later, she opened an online store selling her photographs and a year later she held a solo exhibition in her home town in Gunma prefecture, Japan. It didnft take long before she started receiving offers for healing events and exhibitions from all over Japan.

As all images produce pink and green colours, which are colours of love, Kiyoko believes that the sun shows its love toward people with those colours, as well as heals people and wishes the world peace. She wants to convey her pleasures and impressions that the sun always gives us such beautiful colours via her photographs, and hopes that her photographs shall help people with healing.

She often gets feedback from people who can feel healing vibrations and say that they can feel high vibrations and high energy from her photographs. On one occasion a blind person bought several photographs as they could feel high vibrations from her photographs. It was proved by a vibration meter that Kiyoko's photographs radiate energy and by even just holding a photograph it increased endorphin levels in the body. The vibration meter also proved that her photographs reduced the electric magnetic wave coming from cellphones. Some people claimed to experience pain relief by placing a photograph on their bodies. The healing powers of her photographs are appreciated by many people.

As Kiyoko was impressed by the photographs of water crystals, which change their shapes by been exposed to different words, she started using this power of words by picking out words and setting her intentions to encourage and motivate people when she took photographs of the sun. Kiyoko also uses those words for the titles of the photographs. Sometimes the colour of the image changes by the words she uses. Other themes are taken of the sun without using words but making use of scenes with flowers or landscapes.

Since 2013, Kiyoko has started Fortune Telling using by her photographs to give messages, which she gets from the photographs, to her clients. Her readings are very accurate and many people appreciate them. With this original style of reading, her new talent has bloomed and she has widened her appeal.

Since she was 22 years old, Kiyoko has been suffering from panic attacks. Once she lost all her hopes and dreams, but a new hope arose like the sun always rises again. Sun's Aura Photo is a great gift from the sun to her. Now she believes that she will get over her suffering, and dreams of taking photographs of the sun with landscapes around Japan and the rest of the world with her cellphone camera and show her works to people all over the world.

Kiyoko Fueki

Born on August 4th, 1975; lives in Isesaki-shi, Gunma prefecture in Japan; graduated from the Department of Art History, Faculty of Letters, Gunma Women's University; works at a photo shop.

In 2006, took the first Sun's Aura Photo with her cellphone camera; posted the photograph as "Sun's Aura Photo" on a Japanese social network site and it brought sensations all over Japan, especially amongst people who were interested in spiritualism and healing; opens an online store and started as a healing photographer.

In 2008, her photograph was on the front page of a local newspaper ("The Isesaki Shimbun").

In 2009, her photograph was on the front page of a national newspaper ("The Yomiuri Shimbun," Gunma city edition).

In 2013, a health, mind & body magazine "Yugaful" featured her photographs on its opening 12 pages; started Fortune Telling using her photographs.

Now she actively works as a healing photographer and a card reader.

Other experiences:
Solo exhibitions: 9 times in Gunma and Tokyo
Group exhibitions: 4 times in Gunma, Tokyo, Shanghai and Berlin
Exhibiting and selling at healing events: 57 times (over 30 cities in Japan)

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